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Can Ultrasound Therapy Cause Damage?

Can Ultrasound Therapy Cause Damage?

Ultrasound therapy is a safe and effective tool for reducing muscle spasms, pain, and swelling. It fights infections and aids in healing. However, if not performed properly, this treatment can cause lasting damage, especially when used in sensitive locations or applied to people with certain conditions.

Ultrasound treatment involves using thermal energy to generate heat, promote lymph flow, increase blood circulation, and provide numerous other health benefits. Let's explore why ultrasound therapy is a great option for many patients, and the circumstances in which this particular treatment isn't recommended and should be avoided.


Ultrasound Therapy is Safe and Effective for Most People

Ultrasound therapy is frequently used by a physical therapist or doctor as a tool to treat pain and regenerate cells. Thousands of patients have benefitted from safe and effective ultrasound treatments. This process can be done using therapeutic ultrasound waves in two ways.

Thermal Ultrasound

Thermal ultrasound produces rapid pace waves that create heat and friction through thermal energy that increases blood flow, circulation, and cell metabolism.

Mechanical Ultrasound Therapy

The second type of therapy is mechanical ultrasound therapy which penetrates the muscles in the same fashion as the thermal process by increasing blood flow and also creating gas bubbles inside the tissue, reducing swelling and pain.

Can Ultrasound Break Up Scar Tissue?

Ultrasound therapy is often used in the medical field to break up stubborn scar tissue, alleviating pain and other problems associated with this condition.

Advantages of Ultrasound Therapy

Other advantages that ultrasound provides patients include:

  • Repairs connective tissue.
  • Alleviates muscle pain is alleviated by heating and relaxing the muscle.
  • Improves Healing: Lymphatic fluid passes through to the affected area much more effectively, providing more white blood cells to that location, which speeds healing and helps fight infections more aggressively.
  • Ultrasound treatment breaks down scar tissue, increasing blood flow and reducing pain.
  • An excellent tool for reducing Phonophoresis without painful injections.
  • Repairs damaged bone fractures and other injuries through stimulation.

When this procedure is completed by a qualified physical therapist, with safety considerations taken into account, it can be an extremely effective, relaxing, and even rewarding treatment for patients with many different conditions.

Can ultrasound therapy cause damage

Ultrasound Treatment is Not Recommended For People With Certain Conditions

Thousands of people have been treated successfully through this process, achieving pain relief and improved health. However, there are circumstances where ultrasound therapy may not be the best treatment option. It is important to understand ultrasound contraindications in order to maintain safety and achieve optimal results.

These therapeutic ultrasound applications should be avoided in those with cancer, children, pregnant women, people with vascular problems, and in specific areas around the body.

Ultrasound Treatments Might Cause Damage to Cancerous Areas of the Body

Ultrasound treatments shouldn't be used in areas of the body that have cancer cells. Ultrasound activity in an area of the body that is affected by cancer can increase cell production, causing the condition to metastasize.

Ultrasound Treatments Might Cause Damage in Children Who Do Not Have Fully Developed Bones

Using ultrasound treatments in children can have negative effects on still growing and forming bones and epiphyseal plates. In order to avoid future injury or disrupt a healthy growth pattern, treating children is highly discouraged.

Ultrasound Treatments Might Cause Damage if Applied During Pregnancy

While imaging ultrasounds are routinely used to view the baby during pregnancy, therapeutic ultrasound is not recommended for pregnant women. Ultrasound therapy uses thermal energy to generate heat with high-frequency sound pulses, that pass through the tissue and can result in injury to the pregnancy and fetus. A qualified physical therapist will not use this practice when treating pregnant women.

Ultrasound Treatments Might Cause Damage if Applied Near the Eyes

There have been reports of eye damage caused by ultrasound treatments including injuries to the retina and lenses. Thermal energy exposure and ultrasound waves near the eyes can result in loss of vision, pain, and other serious problems requiring extensive repairs.

Ultrasound Treatments Might Cause Damage if Applied on Areas Around the Heart

Using ultrasound therapy around the areas of the heart is extremely dangerous. The rapid pace of sound waves can have devastating effects by possibly altering the electrical signals naturally occurring in your heart.

Even more so, using an ultrasound treatment on a patient with a pacemaker could have deadly consequences.

Ultrasound Treatment Might Cause Damage if Applied Over Reproductive Organs

While there isn't a lot of research out on the effects of ultrasound treatments on reproductive organs, it is recommended no physical therapist uses ultrasound therapy over or around these areas.

Ultrasound Therapy Might Cause Damage in People With Vascular Problems

Because ultrasound treatments generate heat and increase blood circulation, people with vascular problems may have a hard time with the increase in blood flow which can damage blood vessels and create numerous complications.

Can ultrasound therapy cause damage

Benefits of Getting Treated by Medical Professionals at Palm Wellness Center

Ultrasound treatments involve the use of advanced medical technology that provide a physical therapist and other medical professionals the tools needed to utilize thermal energy at a rapid pace to generate heat, increase blood flow, and heal the body from bone fractures, muscle spasms, tissue damage, and damaged blood vessels. Correct, professional ultrasound application can provide many important health benefits, including bone regeneration and pain reduction.

At Palm Wellness Center, you will have access to medical professionals who have treated many patients with low-intensity ultrasound therapy and other treatments, aiding patients to a pain-free life within a short period of time.

Knowledge: Our Doctors Know the Safest and Best treatments for Your Specific Situation

Ultrasound treatment comes in different forms. The professional doctors and staff at Palm Wellness Center have treated patients experiencing pain, damaged tissue, bone issues (bone fractures), muscle spasms, and other health concerns for years.

Some ultrasound treatments involve repairing connective tissues with thermal energy, increasing blood flow to affected parts of the body, and decreasing pain by reducing inflammation.

Reducing scar tissue is another skill a physical therapist can use to eliminate pain in patients who have long-lasting injuries to muscles or scars left from previous surgeries.

It is imperative your doctor knows which option is right for you.

Training: Our technicians are Extensively Trained in Administering Ultrasound Therapy

When you arrive at the office to start treatment for pain, tissue damage, poor blood flow, or any other condition, you want the most experienced and well-trained doctors and technicians available.

At Palm Wellness Center, you never have to worry about the type of care you will receive. Each patient is given an individual plan and receives the utmost attention from educated and knowledgeable staff. This Wellness center has treated patients for many health problems, relieving pain in a safe and reputable environment.

Equipment: State of the Art Equipment for Safe, Effective Ultrasound Therapy

Whether you chose Palm Wellness Center for help with repairing damaged connective tissues, muscle aches and pains, bone fractures, or any other ailment, these ultrasound treatments involve the use of top-of-the-line, safe, and effective equipment.

Palm Wellness Centers promote hard-working, empathetic, professional, and skilled medical staff that have treated a plethora of patients and problems, building long-lasting connections with the people we treat, and providing pain-free, full lives for many.


Ultrasound therapy treatments are safe and effective options for most people suffering from muscle, bone, and other health conditions. Although there are certain cases where this treatment isn't the best option, Palm Wellness Center is fully aware of the contraindications and follows evidence-based procedures and best practices to ensure successful treatment. Our doctors will assess your health condition and health history to determine what treatment is best for your needs.

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