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If you have been involved in a car accident, seek medical assistance immediately.

auto accident rehabilitation

Palm Wellness Center’s auto accident rehabilitation system puts together chiropractors and physicians to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and develop a complete injury rehabilitation plan.

You are feeling headaches or pain anywhere in your body...
If you have trouble moving any body parts after the accident...
If your symptoms are not getting better and are becoming worse over time…

Let our medical team help you improve your condition so you can get back to your daily life healthier and happier.

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Common symptoms after a car accident

Being involved in an auto accident often results in complex symptoms and injuries. Sometimes, you may feel little to no pain right after the accident, only to start experiencing these symptoms a few hours or days later. Here are some of the most common auto accident injuries and symptoms:
Dizziness and fatigue.
Blurred vision.
Memory problems.
Trouble walking.
Limited mobility.
Tingling or numbness.
Joint pain.
Muscle pain.
Neck pain.
Lower back pain.
Pain in the limbs.
It is very important to get medical care right after a car accident. Getting an early diagnosis means starting your car accident rehabilitation treatments sooner. This will help you get better faster and limit the possible long-term effects of the trauma.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, Palm Wellness Center's car accident rehabilitation system can help ease the pain and stress.

What to do right after a car accident

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, but it helps to be prepared. Here are some tips on what you need to do right after a car accident:



Stay Calm and Check for Injuries

Stay calm and take deep breaths. Being involved in an accident might activate your sympathetic nervous system, putting you in a state of “fight or flight.” Deep breaths can help you think more clearly after the accident. Check to see if you and the others in your car sustained any injuries. Move slowly to make sure you don’t aggravate any damage to your body. Keeping calm, it will be easier to focus on this task. If you let your adrenaline take control, you may not notice injuries or pain. If someone is injured, don’t move them unless they are in danger.



Notify Authorities and Take Photos

Put your hazard lights on. If you have time, put up warning flares, cones, or triangles to make sure people know you are there and prevent any further damages. If possible, get out of traffic and move your car to a safe place. Then, call the police so they can generate an accident report. Take your own notes about the accident scene. If possible, take pictures of the vehicles, road, signs, and any injuries as well. Make sure to inform your insurance company that you have been in an auto accident and let them know if there are injuries.



Gather and Exchange Information

Exchange insurance information with all the parties involved in the accident. It is very likely that you won’t see the other party or any witnesses ever again, so it is key to get their information at the scene. Stick to exchanging insurance information and do not give recorded statements or make any admissions of fault until you have consulted an attorney. 



Seek Medical Treatment

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you need to see a doctor right away. Delaying diagnosis and treatment increases the risk of your injuries worsening. It also reduces the value of your case. Insurance companies and corporate defendants always argue that the accident did not cause your injuries, or that your injuries aren’t as serious as you are claiming. By seeing a physician and getting treatment, you're showing them that you are doing everything you can to heal—and you're not just after the money. At Palm Wellness Center, we can provide you with accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. We can also provide you with the medical records which will help prove your injuries in court.



Call a Lawyer

Oftentimes, insurance companies or other drivers will offer to pay your medical bills in exchange for you agreeing not to sue them. You should never agree to a settlement until you have consulted an attorney. Your attorney can help you get the maximum benefits for your injuries.

Injuries we usually treat in auto accident rehabilitation

Whether your vehicle was involved in a rear-end accident, sideswipe, or head-on collision, you likely suffered some serious injuries. This is a list of the most common car accident injuries:
Whiplash. This means the neck extended beyond its normal range of motion.
Brain and head injuries.
Chest and shoulder injuries.
Diaphragm rupture.
Pelvis and abdominal injuries.
Back and neck injuries, but also legs, knees, and feet.
Dislocated or herniated discs.
Broken bones.
Muscular contusion, sprains, and strains.
Ligament or tendon tears.
Bruising of the internal organs may also occur from the abrupt stop or bumping of vehicles.
Depending on the injuries, your rehabilitation time may be prolonged. Persons who receive surgery after an auto accident might need to complete car accident rehabilitation to regain their strength and range of motion. Those suffering from broken bones may also have to undergo chiropractic therapy once the bones have healed.

Whiplash injury symptoms and other symptoms may not surface right away, so it’s imperative that patients seek immediate medical attention to have their physical health evaluated.

Prolonging your car accident rehabilitation treatments could result in long-term damage, like chronic pain, reduced mobility, or post-traumatic stress disorder.


get stronger. recover faster.

Car accident patients may need to undergo physical rehabilitation to aid in the recovery process. Physical rehabilitation helps  patients improve their strength and range of motion,  reducing pain and speeding recovery. Our dedicated chiropractors and health professionals work together to create a personalized rehabilitation plan that helps you recover quickly and safely from your injuries.

Prevent long term damage.

Unfortunately, car accidents can cause lingering damage if the patient’s injuries are not addressed right away. Starting therapy earlier will help you prevent future injuries. On the other hand, delaying your car accident rehabilitation treatments could result in long-term damage, like chronic pain, reduced mobility, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reduce pain with physical activity.

Once you are out of the critical state, the best thing to do is to help the body heal. If you stay in bed for a long time, poor blood flow will tighten your muscles, thus increasing pain. Physical activities such as therapeutic exercises will help reduce your pain. Physical activity also helps improve your blood circulation, which cleans your system and provides your body the substances it needs to heal.

Avoid surgery.

Some serious car accident injuries may require surgery. On the other hand, many injuries do not require invasive treatments. However, if you delay medical care, these minor injuries might worsen and end up needing surgery to heal. Getting in our car accident rehabilitation program early helps you not only recuperate faster, but also avoid unnecessary and expensive surgeries.

Restore function from old injuries.

Whether you have been in a car accident recently or a long time ago, physical rehabilitation can help restore your body function and mobility. If car accident injuries are left unattended for a long time, they might cause chronic pain. But with consistent strength training exercises and cardiovascular rehabilitation techniques, patients in physical rehabilitation sessions can manage pain, recover, and go back to a healthier life without the need for painkillers or surgery.

Avoid the use of opioids for long-term pain.

Physical rehabilitation aims to help repair and strengthen injured tissue in your body. Our car accident rehabilitation program was designed to improve the body's natural healing process. It also aims to reduce pain and swelling after a car accident. Although painkillers provide immediate relief, there’s the risk of becoming dependent on them, which could harm your kidneys and lead to substance abuse problems. For a safer recovery process, call us now to book an appointment.
After an initial consultation, our medical team can identify the location and magnitude of your injuries. This includes injuries that might have been missed on your hospital examination. Our physicians and the rest of our qualified professionals will then work together to determine the best course of treatment for your car accident rehabilitation.
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Auto accident rehabilitation frequently asked questions

Who will pay for treatment following a car accident?

The medical fees will usually be paid by your auto insurance or the other party’s insurance. You will have to file a claim for injuries with the insurance company. Consider hiring an attorney to help protect your rights.

How quickly can I get better?

Your recovery at Palm Wellness Center will depend on several factors like your medical history, injuries suffered and their severity, and of course your performance in physical rehabilitation sessions and your response to treatments.

Will I be able to get back to work after car accident rehabilitation?

From years of experience, we have noticed that patients who want to get back to work early are more motivated in making the treatment work. Your perseverance, combined with our medical skills and experience, are important factors for your recovery. Our physicians and chiropractor will see to it that you are in good shape to get back to work as soon as possible.

Will I be fully recovered from the injuries after rehabilitation?

Full recovery is usually possible. However, it will depend greatly on the extent of your injuries as well as your consistency in attending the sessions and your diligence in following medical advice. 
If you have been injured in a car accident and you are suffering from pain and other symptoms, our car accident rehabilitation program is for you. Palm Wellness Center's medical professionals are always ready to take care of you.
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