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Occupations at Risk of Workplace Injuries

Occupations at Risk of Workplace Injuries

Workers face many hidden dangers as they handle their responsibilities every day. Unexpected physical injuries that occur during working hours must be taken seriously and treated promptly to prevent complications. Workplace injuries can be dangerous and lead to long term problems without proper medical care.


What Occupations Are at Risk of Injuries?


While anyone can be injured on the job, the following occupations are especially prone to workplace injuries.

  • Computer-related Jobs. Office administrators, computer specialists, and software engineers can be seriously injured from performing repetitive tasks with improper desk, chair, keyboard, or monitor ergonomics. Injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, muscle pain, and chronic back or neck pain are common to this kind of job.

  • Professional Athletes . The more active athletes are, the higher their risk of being injured. Injuries commonly occur during training as well as games. Athletes may suffer from bone fractures, ligament tears and muscle strains. 

  • Construction-related Jobs. Construction workers are exposed to many hazards. Lack of protective gear and unstable tools and equipment are the most common causes of construction related injuries. Construction workers are at risk of slip and fall injuries, head injuries, repetitive motion injuries and electrical injuries. 

  • Repair and Maintenance. Repair and maintenance workers have to work in unpredictable environments, often climbing to dangerous heights or crawling through tight spaces. Fall injuries, sprains, contusions, and strains are common to workers doing these jobs. 

  • Protective Service-related Jobs. Policemen, firefighters and security guards provide protective services that put them at high risk of falling debris, severe burns and abrasions, fractures, intense muscle strains, and sprains. 


Most occupational injuries can be healed through medical care and physical rehabilitation. For faster recovery and better results, consult a therapist or chiropractor right away.

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