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Physical Rehabilitation Process

Physical Rehabilitation Process

Palm Wellness Center helps patients reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction. We provide innovative, holistic, and non-invasive treatments to improve your overall health and well-being. Healing is a process, and we are here to help you through your rehabilitation journey.

The Physical Rehabilitation Process


The first step is to evaluate the patient’s condition. The therapist will ask you to explain the injury or illness that caused you to seek medical attention, along with any prior medical history.

Personalized Plan

Our experts will create a personalized plan for you and discuss what exercises will help you recover the fastest and rehabilitate the most efficiently based on the initial evaluation. This will help determine specific goals and identify which interventions and techniques will be most useful for you.


The treatment may include a wide range of interventions such as performing therapeutic exercises. Passive exercises, active-assisted exercises, or active exercises may be included in your personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs.


The therapist will thoroughly educate you on your treatment plan. This is an important step in ensuring the success of the treatment plan. You will learn how to perform exercises with help as well as on your own.

The main objective of the rehabilitation process is to create an environment for you to achieve your optimal functional abilities. It requires time, effort, and commitment to fully recover.

Do You Need Physical Rehabilitation in Tampa?

Schedule an appointment with us at (813) 443-5370. You may also visit www.palmwellness.center for more information.

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