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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Tampa Bay loves sports. We are a city of champions  (Go Bucs, Bolts, and Rays!) with many opportunities to stay active and push our limits. Unfortunately, Tampa residents who are athletic and active are also more prone to sports injuries. In fact, a 2019 study of young people in Florida found that sports related injuries are a leading cause of emergency department visits. From simple abrasions and sprains to severe bone fractures and ligament tears, injuries can happen in unexpected circumstances. These injuries are caused by overuse of strength, poor training, improper form when exercising, and lack of stretching and warming-up.   


Sports injuries should not be taken lightly as they may cause serious health issues if left untreated. There are instances in which immediate care is needed due to the impact of the injury. Severe cases will take time to heal and may require long-term medical treatment, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation


Palm Wellness Center is your Tampa Bay Area expert in the rehabilitation of different types of injuries, including sports-related injuries. 


Sports Injury Treatment


  • Pain Management

Pain from injuries can be unbearable. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to reduce the swelling and pain. 


  • Immobilization and Support

To prevent the injury from worsening, orthopedics place support on the injury to keep it in place. Casts, braces, and splints are used for faster healing and recovery.


  • Surgery

Severe sports injuries like bone fractures, dislocation and torn ligaments may require  surgery to restore the affected areas and prevent any further damages and complications.


  • Physical Therapy  

Therapists’ intervention is crucial in the recovery of injured patients. Physical therapy helps with rehabilitation from minor and major sports injuries. Therapeutic exercises, massage therapy, ultrasound therapy and nutritional support are part of the comprehensive treatment. Therapy helps address pain, improve mobility, and speed up the recovery from injuries. 


It takes a few weeks or months to get back on track and function normally after a sports injury. Hence, rehabilitation is highly recommended to improve your quality of life while giving you full support for your recuperation.

Let's start your sports injuries rehabilitation!

For the best physical rehabilitation center in Tampa, call (813) 443-5370 to schedule an appointment with us or visit www.palmwellness.center.

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