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Ultrasound Therapy For Muscle Pain

Ultrasound Therapy For Muscle Pain

Muscle pain occurs when there is overexertion, existing illness, injury, or stress. People often experience muscle pain after exercise, overwork, or infection. Recovery is usually a matter of getting enough rest and taking pain relievers like ibuprofen. However, persistent pain, strain, and discomfort may require professional care.


Alternative treatments can provide relief and healing without drugs or surgery. Ultrasound Therapy, also known as therapeutic ultrasound, provides a non-invasive medical treatment to heal tissues, rehabilitate injuries, and speed up the recovery process. 

Types of Ultrasound Therapy

  • Thermal Ultrasound. Thermal Ultrasound uses sound waves that produce vibration and heat. This promotes deep tissue healing, improves blood flow, and relieves pain and inflammation.


How Ultrasound Therapy Works For Muscle Pain

Tension, strain, and soreness are signs of overworked or injured muscles. The role of Ultrasound Therapy is to help muscles loosen up from tension and spasm and reduce the pain. The treatment is painless since it doesn’t require surgery. Its goal is to support the healing of tissues and treat other musculoskeletal system problems. 


The Treatment Process

  • Application of Gel. An ultrasound gel is applied to facilitate smooth movement of the probe from one affected area to another. 
  • Ultrasound Waves. The therapist maneuvers the ultrasound equipment over the affected muscles, sending waves into the deep tissues of the body.
  • Fast, Painless Treatment. The average treatment takes about fifteen minutes, depending on the coverage and severity of the pain.


Therapeutic ultrasound is not limited to muscle pain

It addresses different types of ailments caused by external factors. Consult the medical professionals at Palm Wellness Center to start your ultrasound therapy sessions and relieve your symptoms. Schedule an appointment with us at (813) 443-5370.

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