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Physical Rehabilitation Tampa fl

Physical Rehabilitation Tampa, FL

Have you been injured in a recent accident?
Are you feeling pain in your muscles, joints, or bones?
Are you experiencing headaches or a decreased range of motion?

If you are suffering from any of the above, then you are in the right place. At Palm Wellness Center, our physical rehabilitation Tampa, FL can help improve your condition and get you back to a healthier life.

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What to expect in our physical rehabilitation sessions in tampa, FL

Physical rehabilitation Tampa, FL at Palm Wellness Center is mobility focused. The goal is to improve your quality of life through physical therapy, guided exercises, hands-on care, occupational therapy and patient education.

Regardless of the type of injury or health condition, Palm Wellness Center is ready to take care of you. Our physical rehabilitation experts will provide professional care and treatment for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. If you're aiming to simply become healthier and prevent future illnesses or diseases, our therapy can support you with that as well.

Here is an overview of our physical rehabilitation process:

Physical Evaluation

Evaluate the patient’s body functioning and movement by listening to their concerns, observing their stance and movement performance, and having them take some tests and measurements.

Personalized Plan

Create individualized plans of treatment based on the patient’s medical history, current condition, and expected results.


Use different types of therapeutic techniques to manage the patient’s pain, help them improve their range of motion, prevent further injuries, and achieve a healthy condition.


Evaluate the progress made by the patient throughout the medical process and adjust the treatment plan as needed.


Provide education and necessary information to the patients and their family members. It is very important to teach the patient the proper habits and responsibilities to make the rehabilitation process more effective.


Create a discharge plan for the patient to carry out after the rehabilitation process has finished.

We know physical therapy plays an important role in healing the body. We find it rewarding to stand by our patients and help them improve their health. That's why at Palm Wellness Center, our physical therapy sessions always play a key role in our patients' journey to rehabilitation, fitness, and happiness.

Physical Rehabilitation Treatments and Techniques We Offer

At Palm Wellness Center, our physical therapist professionals are ready to work with you in a wide range of medical situations and conditions, including:

Auto Accident Rehabilitation Services

If you have been involved in a car accident, seek medical assistance immediately, even if you don't think you have a serious injury.

Palm Wellness Center's auto accident rehabilitation system puts together chiropractors, physical therapists, and physicians to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

   * If you are suffering from headaches.
   * If you have trouble with mobility or getting back to your daily activities after an accident.
   * If your symptoms are not getting better and are becoming worse over time.
Let our physical therapist and rehabilitation team help you improve your condition so you can get back to your daily living activities healthier and happier. Meanwhile, here are the amazing benefits of our auto accident rehabilitation treatments:

   * Get stronger. Recover faster. Regain strength.
   * Prevent long-term damage.
   * Reduce pain associated with physical or daily activities.
   * Avoid surgery.
   * Restore function and improve mobility from old injuries.
   * Avoid the use of opioids for long-term pain.

Slip And Fall Rehabilitation

If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, prevent further serious injury by getting immediate medical care.

The physical rehabilitation team, physical therapist and medical professionals at Palm Wellness Center are here for you. We can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and develop a slip and fall injury treatment.

  • If you have cuts and bruises due to the fall.
  • You are suffering from muscle or joint pains anywhere on your body.
  • If you have a head concussion due to the accident.

Injured in a slip and fall accident? Let our professional medical team help you.

When a proper diagnosis has been made, our physical therapists and healthcare professionals and other medical professionals may administer rehabilitation services such as:

  • Massage therapy to relax and improve blood flow.
  • Ultrasound therapy to promote tissue regeneration.
  • Cryotherapy to reduce swelling speeds up your healing process.
  • Spinal manipulation to correct posture and improve health.
  • Electrical stimulation therapy to improve muscle function.
  • Physical rehabilitation to restore function to your body and reduce pain.
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles and ligaments.
Slip And Fall Block TwoSlip And Fall Block One
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A chiropractor can help anyone who wants to recover from accident injuries or those who want to improve their medical conditions, health, and well-being without relying on medication and surgeries.

Chiropractic treatment can restore the structural integrity of your spine and other body structures to improve your health.

If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or if you want to improve your functional ability, and have a healthier mind and body, then you are in the right place. Our licensed chiropractor and physical therapists in Tampa has the experience and skills needed to help you achieve your health goals.

Let us help you get back to a healthier life through physical therapy.

Massage Therapy for Physical Rehabilitation

The health benefits of massage therapy have been recognized by several cultures around the world for centuries.

We utilize manual therapy and massage therapy for physical rehabilitation, to improve mobility, complement medical treatments, and enhance wellness.

Palm Wellness Center provides patients access to chiropractors and qualified health professionals, including massage therapists, to assist in the rehabilitation process. Massage therapy is also used as a way to help regain strength, improve the medical condition and general health of those who want to feel relaxed and regenerated.

Here are just a few medical conditions that benefit from massage therapy:

  • Sports injuries
  • Depression
  • Headaches

Get massage therapy with us and start your journey to a healthy and invigorated mind and body and return to your active lifestyle.

Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound has become a common practice among physical and occupational therapists to reduce muscle pain, fight infection, and promote healing in the body to help you achieve a more active lifestyle.

Palm Wellness provides patients access to the best therapies, including ultrasound therapy, for the rehabilitation process. Here are a few benefits of therapeutic ultrasound treatment:

  • The heating and relaxing effects help to relieve pain.
  • It increases the flow of lymphatic fluid to the affected area, providing more white blood cells to fight infection and encourage healing.
  • Therapeutic ultrasound treatment breaks down scar tissue and increases local blood flow.
  • It can be used for Phonophoresis, administering medicine via the skin without an injection.
  • It can be used to stimulate the repair of damaged bones.

If you want to take control of your health, give us a call to start your treatments as soon as possible.

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Therapeutic Exercises

Whether caused by sports injuries, car accidents, or slip and fall accidents, injuries can lead to loss of function.

At Palm Wellness Center, we understand that loss of function might make you feel devastated. That's why we are always ready to help restore your physical function and improve your overall health and wellness.

Therapeutic Exercises for Balance Main-min

Therapeutic exercises, when done with a licensed and skilled health professional, can offer remarkable benefits. Here are the general benefits you may receive from our therapeutic exercises:

  • Improve and restore physical function.
  • Prevent the loss of function.
  • Enhance a patient’s functional capabilities.
  • Prevent and decrease impairment and disability.
  • Feel better and be more physically fit.

In more specific cases, therapeutic exercise may give the following benefits:

  • Restore joint tissue improving movement.
  • Reactivate muscle activity, improving strength and stability.
  • Regain control and flexibility over muscle after suffering from strokes and other conditions.
  • Prevent and treat sports injuries.
  • Exercise, in general, is a healthy activity. It reduces anxiety and depression, improves your cardiovascular health, and promotes body healing, pain management, and inflammation reduction.

Whether you want to recover physical function lost in an accident or you simply want to improve your overall health, Palm Wellness Center can help you achieve your goals.

Let us help you get back to a healthier life.

Conditions our professionals treat in Physical Rehabilitation sessions

At Palm Wellness, your health and wellbeing are our priorities. Our physical therapy professionals have the skills, licensing, and experience to diagnose and treat a multitude of health conditions. Here are some of the conditions that we treat during physical therapy sessions.


Arthritis or Osteoarthritis
Biceps Tendon Tear at the Shoulder
Breaks and Fractures
Bursitis of the Shoulder
Chronic Shoulder Pain
Dislocated Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder
Rotator Cuff Injury
Shoulder Strain or Sprains
Swimmer's Shoulder
Shoulder Tendinitis
Separated Shoulder


Elbow Dislocation
Elbow Fracture
Golfer's Elbow
Elbow Sprains and Strains
Ligament Sprains or Tears
Little League Elbow Syndrome (Medial Apophysitis)
Olecranon (Elbow) Bursitis
Osteochondritis dissecans
Osteoarthritis of the Elbow


Breaks and Fractures
Calf Muscle Strain or Tear
Hamstring Strain or Tear
Quadriceps Muscle Strains and Tears
Quadriceps Tendon Tear
Patellar Tendon Tear
Piriformis Syndrome
Tibial Stress Fracture


Abductor/Gluteus Medius Tear
Arthritis or Osteoarthritis of the Hip
Fracture of the Pelvis
Developmental Dysplasia
Groin (Abductor) Strain
Hip Dislocation
Hip Dysplasia in Adults
Fracture of the Hip
Hip Flexor Injury
Hip Impingement


Achilles Tendon Rupture
Ankle Instability
Achilles tendinitis/tendinosis
Ankle Sprain
Ankle Breaks and Fractures
Arch Collapse/Flatfoot Deformity
Arch Collapse/Posterior Tibial Tendon
Arthritis of the Ankle
Arthritis of the Big Toe
Arthritis of the Hindfoot
Arthritis of the Midfoot
Breaks and Fractures
Jones Fractures
Heel Spur (Calcaneal Spur)
Lisfranc (Midfoot) Injuries


Low Back Strain
Bulging Disc
Herniated Disc
SI Dysfunction
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Lower Crossed Syndrome


Upper Trapezius Strain
Torticollis (wry neck)
Bulging Disc/Herniated Disc
Bell's Palsy
Upper Crossed Syndrome
Neck Pain
Cervical Stenosis
Whiplash Injury of the Neck
Rhomboid Strain
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
T4 Syndrome
Scheuermann's Disease
Low Back Strain
Bulging Disc
Herniated Disc
SI Dysfunction
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Lower Crossed Syndrome


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
Arthritis or Osteoarthritis
Chondromalacia Patella
Dislocated Kneecap
Hyperextended Knee
Locked Knee
Knee Tendon Bursitis
Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury
Loose Bodies of the Knee Joint
Medial Collateral Ligament Injury
Meniscal Tear
Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Osteochondritis Dissecans
Patellar Tendinitis (Jumper's Knee)
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner's Knee)
Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)
Prepatellar (kneecap) Bursitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Unstable Kneecap (Patellar Instability or Subluxation)

Benefits You Get From Our Physical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is for anyone who wants to regain their body's functioning or improve its optimum performance. One of the roles of physical therapy sessions is to guide you so that you'll recuperate safely and properly. Here are some of the benefits you'll get from having physical therapy sessions:

Pain management with reduced need for medications.

Avoid surgery.

Improved mobility and movement.

Recovery from injury or trauma.

Recovery from stroke or paralysis.

Fall prevention.

Improved balance.

Management of age-related medical problems.

Maximize the physical performance of athletes by strengthening specific parts of the body for optimal muscle use.

physical rehabilitation treatments

At Palm Wellness Center, our professionals are ready to work with you in a wide range of medical situations and conditions, including:

chiropraCtic physical rehabilitation

Suitable for medical conditions such as fractures, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, chronic medical problems, and rehabilitation or recovery from orthopedic surgery. Regular therapy includes an improvement in range of motion, strength training, and massage therapy.

Geriatric physical REHABILITATION

Designed to help seniors improve their range of motion, reduce pain, and have better physical conditioning. It has been useful to manage Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, hip and joint replacement, and some other conditions including incontinence.

Neurological rehabilitation

Meant to enhance the connection between the mind and the muscles, this therapy has been helping people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and many other neurological disorders and conditions.

Pediatric physical REHABILITATION

This therapy is meant for infants to adolescents. It is intended to diagnose and treat developmental delays, torticollis, and other conditions affecting their musculoskeletal system.

Ultrasound therapy

In this therapy, ultrasound waves are applied to tissues to relieve pain or reduce inflammation. 


Using ultrasound, certain medications, such as topical steroids, are directly delivered to the affected areas, decreasing inflammation faster.

Therapeutic Exercises

Exercises designed to treat particular problems like injuries, muscular and skeletal dysfunction, minimized range of motion, and deficiency of strength and endurance. These exercises are usually complementary therapy for surgery.

Massage Therapy

Used to ease several types of pain, mainly those affecting the muscles. Massage therapy has shown benefits beyond simple relaxation. It improves the body's blood flow, which in term aids the body's natural self-healing mechanism.

Preventative Physical REHABILITATION

It consists of performing exercises for the weaker parts of your body. This therapy will help you build strength, flexibility, and endurance while minimizing the risk of injury.

WHY TRUST the PALM WELLNESS health team?

Physical Rehabilitation
  • Licensed Professionals

All our practitioners are licensed professionals. You can rely on us to be always there for you, making sure that your treatment plan is customized to your specific condition.


  • Skilled and Experienced

Our practitioners know what they're doing. They have experience treating different conditions, so you will be in good hands.


  • Reliable and Quality Care

We care about you and want you to heal swiftly and safely. That is why at Palm Wellness Center, you will be provided only with the best quality medical care and treatments.

If you are suffering from injuries or symptoms affecting your health, contact us immediately for pain relief and a better lifestyle. The medical professionals at Palm Wellness Center will take care of your health and well-being.

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