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If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, prevent further damage by getting immediate medical care.

slip and fall injury treatment

The medical professionals at Palm Wellness Center are here for you. We can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and develop a slip and fall injury treatment.

If you have cuts and bruises due to the fall…
You are suffering from muscle or joint pains anywhere on your body…
If you have a head concussion due to the accident…

Injured in a slip and fall accident? Let our professional medical team help you.

start your rehabilitation


Even if you can walk away from a slip and fall, you may have suffered a serious injury that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Some signs of injury can include:
Muscle spasms
Localized pain
Pain that intensifies with certain movements
Weakness in the legs
Numbness or tingling
Pain that lasts for an extended period is indicative that you may need chiropractic treatment. It is best to get medical attention immediately after your slip and fall accident. This helps detect hidden injuries and prevents further damage.

What to do right after a slip and fall accident

After a slip and fall accident, there are important things you need to do right away. These are the steps you should follow to recover your health faster and build a case to receive compensation for your injuries:



Get medical treatment immediately.

Regardless of the severity of your injuries, you need to see a doctor right away. Delaying diagnosis and treatment increases the risk of your injuries worsening. It also reduces the value of your slip and fall case. Insurance companies and corporate defendants always argue that the accident did not cause your injuries, or that your injuries aren’t as serious as you are claiming. By seeing a physician and getting treatment, you're showing them that you are doing everything you can to heal—and you're not just after the money. At Palm Wellness Center, we can provide you with accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. We can also provide you with the medical records which will help prove your injuries in court.



Report your accident.

Report your accident to whoever is in charge of the property. If you are not able to report the accident yourself, ask friends or family members to call back and report it for you. You must get a copy of the accident report, whether it is from the police, manager, or owner of the property. Insurance companies will not take your slip and fall case seriously if it is not reported within a day of when the accident happened.



Take as many photos as possible.

You need to take lots of photos: close ups, wide-angle views, and views from different directions that capture all the details of the place where you fell, including what made you fall. Also, take pictures of your injuries. If you are not in a condition to take the pictures, ask a friend or a family member to do it. Pictures are going to allow your lawyer to evaluate the case properly. They will also serve as proof of your injuries and of the conditions that contributed to your fall.



Determine what caused you to slip and fall.

Determine what caused your accident. It could be spilled liquid that was not cleaned immediately, or broken flooring that was not repaired. Not knowing what caused your slip and fall accident will make it harder for your attorneys to prove your case. You have to be as detailed as you can about it.
  • Identify exactly what hazardous condition caused you to slip and fall. 
  • Find out if someone created this condition and what their relation to the property is.
  • Determine how long the hazardous condition existed and whether anyone else has had a similar accident.
  • Identify any materials or substances present.
  • Document and try to identify any sound you hear before, during, and after the fall.
  • Document any details about the substance or material that made you fall, like aging, color, or composition.



Take detailed notes.

Take notes regarding all the details about your slip and fall accident. Include the weather, the date and time of the fall, as well as exactly how you fell. This might include things like which foot stepped first, which part of your body hit the ground first, and how you braced for the fall. Also take detailed notes of the clothes and shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident, including fabric, brand, and type. You need to record the things around you as well: what was in front of you or what you were looking at, who was near you, what were they doing, what they looked like, and their behavior. You can use all this information to help build your case.



Obtain contact information of witnesses.

If you can, get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed your fall. Interview them on what they think caused your fall or how you reacted after the fall. If anyone says that similar falls have happened before, make a note, and try to get the contact information of the person involved. If possible, use a recording device to save all the information you've gathered. Also, get the name and insurance information of the property owner or manager.



Save everything.

Place the shoes and clothing that you were wearing during the accident in a safe storage place. Don't wash them yet. Take photos of the items as well. You might need them to prove your case in court.



Call a lawyer.

Oftentimes, insurance companies or corporate defendants will offer to pay your medical bills in exchange for you agreeing not to sue them. You should never agree to a settlement until you have consulted an attorney. Your attorney can help you get the maximum benefits for your injuries.

important details to consider in a slip and fall accident

Keep going to medical appointments.

Do not miss medical appointments and follow your doctor’s recommended treatment. If you have a pattern of missing medical appointments, many jurors will assume that you weren’t seriously injured in the first place.

Limit communication with business owners, employees, or other witnesses.

Other than to report the accident or for gathering information, say as few words as possible. Do not get into detailed discussions about how you slipped and fell. These people might testify against you. Also, always keep calm and never get into an argument with anyone.

Never participate in giving a recorded statement.

Unless you have hired an attorney who gives you the ok, do not agree to provide a recorded statement to the business or their insurance company. They might get you to say something that they can later use to discredit your slip and fall case. Moreover, the law does not require you to participate in these recorded statements.

Refuse to complete or sign any forms.

You are not legally obligated to complete or sign any forms. Get an attorney, they can help you with all the legalities of your case.

In case of friendly environment.

If your accident happened on a friend’s property, you can proceed with the steps mentioned above. In general slip and fall cases, you are not trying to get compensation from the property owner's capital but rather from their insurance policies.


The treatment you'll receive for your slip and fall accident will depend on the severity of your injuries. Here are some of the common slip and fall injuries that need immediate medical treatments:

Head injury.

Head injuries require immediate medical attention even if you are not experiencing any symptoms. Cuts, wounds, and abrasions are usually the most minor slip and fall injuries, generally needing some stitches and topical treatments. Concussions tend to clear up on their own, but sometimes there is serious damage that must be treated properly. Neurological and imaging examinations can identify traumatic brain injuries that could potentially cause permanent damage if left untreated.

Soft tissue injury.

These injuries can involve sprains, tears, and other injuries to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Sometimes these are not visible unless you find swelling or bruising present. They can lead to chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain if medical treatment is not provided immediately.

Spinal cord injuries.

The abrupt trauma of a slip and fall can be powerful enough to impact the spinal cord, which is housed within the spine. It may compress, injure, or sever your spinal cord depending on the severity of the fall. Damage received can cause temporary or permanent loss of sensation, strength, and function beneath the injury location.

Tailbone Injuries.

The tailbone, known medically as the coccyx, sits at the very bottom of the spine. Direct impact on the bone during a fall can bruise, fracture, or dislocate it, causing inflammation, pain, and tenderness, and even pain or strain when using the bathroom.

Fractures and broken bones.

Fractures and broken bones can cause chronic pain, neuromuscular damage, and internal bleeding. These are often the cause of the most serious health issues and deaths from slip and fall injuries.

Best treatments for slip and fall injuries

Proper diagnosis of your slip and fall injury is paramount before attempting to treat it. Performing any type of treatment, stretches, exercises, or therapy without first understanding the root of your pain may only exacerbate the existing injury.

At Palm Wellness Center, our chiropractors might request medical imaging to accurately diagnose your injuries. This would help them create a treatment plan that will help to alleviate pain, lessen inflammation, and promote healing.

When a proper diagnosis has been made, our medical professionals may administer soothing therapies such as:
Massage therapy to relax and improve blood flow.
Ultrasound therapy to promote tissue regeneration.
Cryotherapy to reduce swelling speed up your healing process.
Spinal manipulation to correct posture and improve health.
Electrical stimulation therapy to improve muscle function.
Physical rehabilitation to restore function to your body and reduce pain.
Exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles and ligaments.
Don’t let your slip and fall injuries worsen. Reach out to our knowledgeable professionals today to begin your healing process.

What to expect during slip and fall injury treatment sessions

At Palm Wellness Center, we are extremely thorough in our evaluation of patients.

1. On your first appointment, we will go over any medical records that you may have from the doctors who treated you immediately after your slip or fall.

2. We will ask questions about any prior injuries, surgeries, and medical conditions so that we know how to treat you best.

3. We will also discuss your injuries from the fall, the type of pain you feel, the location where the pain occurs, and how it is affecting your everyday life.
4. Then, we will perform a physical evaluation. We will examine your spine and the rest of the body, test for the range of motion or stiffness, look for the presence of muscle pain, and more.

5. We may order X-rays to get a comprehensive look at your bone structure to ensure that you receive the proper treatment for slip and fall injuries.

6. Then a rehabilitation plan is provided, which includes the sessions and treatments you are going to be part of as your recovery takes place.

How to treat pain before your medical appointment?

slip and fall injury treatment
In some cases, you won’t be able to see a doctor immediately after the accident. In those situations, you may need to treat symptoms at home until you can make it into the office.

Give us a call so we can recommend the best way to treat yourself. We may advise you to treat the area with heat or cold depending on your symptoms.

Resting in bed or comfortably on the sofa may be your best option. If there is a joint injury or damage done to soft tissue, it is best not to try to stretch or massage the pain away before our chiropractors evaluate you. Sometimes these actions can inadvertently cause more harm than good.
If you are suffering from slip and fall injuries, your best option is to get slip and fall injury treatment as soon as possible. Let Palm Wellness Center's medical professionals take care of your rehabilitation.
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