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What To Do After Chiropractic Adjustment?

February 22, 2024
What To Do After Chiropractic Adjustment
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Regular chiropractic care has many benefits. To ensure you are making the most of each chiropractic adjustment, follow these insider tips on what to do after your chiropractic appointment.

8 Things You Should Do After Every Chiropractor Appointment

Leaving the chiropractor’s office after your chiropractic appointment with a sense of relief and newfound alignment is an amazing feeling. But to maximize the benefits of your adjustment and keep your spine happy in the long run, there are a few key post-appointment secrets you need to know.

So ditch the post-massage therapy slump and embrace these proactive steps to optimize your chiropractic care and find pain relief and better health.

Think of it like this: your chiropractic treatment is the spark, but your actions afterward fan the flames of healing and well-being. From drinking plenty of water to getting a good night’s sleep, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to maximize your chiropractic experience. This healing process taking place is key providing pain relief and other health benefits of chiropractic adjustment.

1. Hydrate

You hear it all the time, but once again, drinking water is the #1 recommendation! After an adjustment, your joints and muscles require proper lubrication to function smoothly. Water is the ultimate natural lubricant, drink plenty of water! Aim for eight glasses throughout the day to flush out toxins released during the adjustment and support your body’s healing process.

2. Move Around, But Not Vigorously

Gentle, light movement is your friend post-adjustment. Avoid vigorous exercises or weight lifting. A brisk walk, light bike ride, light yoga, or some specific stretches can help your body adjust to its new alignment and improve blood flow. Just avoid anything too strenuous, like heavy lifting, high-impact exercises, or competitive sports. Keep your body moving but stick to activities that feel good and pain-free. Ask your chiropractor’s advice if you are not sure or if you experience discomfort that lasts more than 2 days.

3. Avoid Explosive Movements

Jumping, twisting, and sudden bursts of exertion are not recommended for 24-48 hours after your appointment. These explosive movements can put undue stress on your newly adjusted joints and hinder the healing process. Stick to slower, controlled movements and let your body gently settle into its new alignment. Recovery time will take from several hours to several days and may include popping noise.

4. Add Chiropractor Exercises to Your Routine

Remember those specific stretches and strengthening exercises your chiropractor showed you? They’re not just suggestions! Incorporate them into your daily routine to maintain good posture, prevent misalignment, and maximize the long-term benefits of your treatments. Don’t be tempted to become your own chiropractor, though. Avoid cracking your spine or attempting any aggressive self-adjustments. Stick to the exercises your professional recommended and leave the realignment to the experts.

5. Eat Healthy Foods

Avoid unhealthy foods. Nourishing your body with healthy foods is essential for recovery and overall well-being. Focus on nutrient dense foods and lean proteins like omega-3-rich fish. These will help reduce inflammation, promote healing, and keep your body in tip-top shape for future chiropractic adjustments. Avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, and excessive red meat, as these can contribute to inflammation and hinder your progress.

6. Pay Attention to Your Body

After an adjustment, it’s normal to experience some soreness or stiffness. This is your body adapting to its new alignment. However, if you experience any sharp pain, numbness, or tingling, be sure to contact your chiropractor. Pay close attention to how your body feels in the days following your appointment, and ask your chiropractor if you have any concerns.

7. Avoid Prolonged Sitting

People sit for hours at a time but a great habit is to sit upright instead of slouching and don’t sit for too long. Sitting for hours can undo all the good work your chiropractor just did. Stay active and move around frequently! Take short breaks to stretch, walk around the block, or simply stand up and correct posture. Remember, good posture is key to maintaining spinal health and preventing future misalignment.

8. Keep Up With Your Chiropractic Care

Don’t stop after one chiropractic visit! Receiving chiropractic care is not a one-and-done solution. Chiropractic treatments are most effective as an ongoing treatment plan. Although you may feel improvement after a single chiropractic adjustment, schedule your next appointment, as recommended by your chiropractor, to maintain proper alignment, alleviate pain, and optimize your overall health and well-being. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, when it comes to chiropractic care.

By following these simple tips, you can maximize the health benefits of your chiropractic appointments and keep your spine healthy for years to come.

How Often Should One Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

How Often Should One Get a Chiropractic Adjustment?

While chiropractic adjustments can be remarkably beneficial for a range of musculoskeletal issues, determining the ideal frequency isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on several factors, such as the reason for seeking adjustments, the severity of symptoms, and the individual response. More severe issues might necessitate closer follow-ups, while milder cases might only require monthly or bi-monthly adjustments.

Chiropractic Adjustments Side Effects

It’s important to note that some people experience temporary side effects after an adjustment, which are typically mild and subside within a day or two. These may include:

  • Sore muscles
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Feeling tired

Remember, open communication with your chiropractor is key. Discuss your individual needs, response to adjustments, and any side effects you experience. They can tailor a treatment plan based on your specific situation and goals, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits of chiropractic care without experiencing unnecessary discomfort.

Will I Feel Different Following My Chiropractic Adjustments?

Absolutely! Following your first chiropractic appointment, you may experience a range of positive changes, depending on your individual needs and the reason for seeking care. Some common improvements include:

Immediate relief, reduced pain and stiffness

Improved mobility and range of motion

Enhanced posture

Increased energy and vitality

Improved sleep

Can I Go Back To Work Right After a Chiropractic Appointment?

Generally, yes, you can return to work after your chiropractic appointment, especially if your job doesn’t involve strenuous activity or prolonged sitting. However, there are a few things to consider:

Listen to your body

Avoid strenuous activity

Maintain good posture

Follow your chiropractor’s recommendations

Overall, if you feel up to it and adhere to these precautions, returning to work after your chiropractic appointment shouldn’t be a problem. However, prioritize your well-being and don’t hesitate to rest if you need to. Remember, your body is healing and adapting to the changes, so give it the time and support it needs to recover fully.

Can I Return to My Athletic Program After My Chiropractic Appointment?

Whether you can return to your athletic program after your chiropractic appointment depends on several factors, including:

The type and severity of your injury: If you’re recovering from a specific injury, your chiropractor will advise you on the appropriate timeline for resuming your athletic activities.

The nature of your sport: Contact sports or activities with high impact may require a longer recovery period compared to low-impact sports like swimming or yoga.

Your progress: Everyone heals at their own pace. Listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard, even if you feel improvement after your adjustment.

Embrace the New You, Pain-Free and Empowered!

At Palm Wellness Center our services include spinal adjustment, massage therapy, first chiropractic adjustment, or ongoing chiropractic care.

Contact us and schedule your chiropractor appointment and begin to reduce pain and poor posture. Palm Wellness Center (813) 443-5370 or palmwellness.center.

Your journey to a pain-free, healthier you starts with us.

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